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Navigating the dynamic and complex nature of technology for large, multi-national enterprises.

Cyber Hill is a global professional services firm that supports the implementation of packaged software solutions within the three pillars of the Internet of Things (IoT): Cybersecurity, Cloud and Data Analytics. Every firm, regardless of the brilliant technical staff it houses, requires outside assistance to implement complex technologies, especially within the IoT.  These technologies touch everything within an enterprise and great care and experience must be present in order to guide a team through a smooth and successful implementation.

Our expertise and insights, developed through serving high-tech companies and large-enterprise IT users, give us a rich understanding of the dynamic nature of the technology landscape and the complexity involved in using technology to deliver real value and impact. Our teams are staffed with Architects, Engineers and Scientists who have many years of experience leading complex software implementations for large, multi-national enterprises.

Our methodology and holistic approach not only includes the integration and customization of software implementations, but also examines and addresses how these solutions will interact with other systems within an organization. To ensure long-term success, our team then helps to evaluate, plan and reconfigure the overarching technical strategies and processes that must support the new software implementation.

Cyber Hill Business Units

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Cyber Security

Cyber Hill partners with select software companies that we know and understand their solution well.  We work with our clients and the software partner to implement the enterprise software smoothly.

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Data Analytics

Cyber Hill leverages our expertise to extract, normalize and transform data to support Big Data and Data Analytics for enterprises.



Many large businesses build their own Data Centers, when they should move it to a hosted environment or Cloud.  It will save them tens of millions and provides significantly more flexibility, availability and performance.

Our Clients

Cyber Hill works with very large, commercial businesses that range across a very diverse set of industries.  Our specialty is implementing complex solutions within global businesses no matter what industry they serve.  Due to the confidential nature of our work, we do not discuss our clients, but a list representative clients are shown below to provide some understanding of our past client accomplishments.

Our Partners

Cyber Hill partners with the best and brightest minds in all three disciplines of the Internet of Things (IoT): Cybersecurity, Cloud and Data Analytics.  Utiilizing investment-grade research and analysis, our team has worked diligently to evaluate the IoT markets and select the best software solutions for our clients.  The solutions we’ve selected can and will add tremendous value and provide for the best return-on-investment in their respective disciplines.

Below are some of our preferred firms that we feel confident recommending to any client.

Cyber Security

  • Implemented a PAM solution for a global telecommunications firm.
  • Implemented a SIEM solution for an oil and gas firm.
  • Implemented a multi-factor authentication solution for a consumer goods firm.

Data Analysis

  • Performed a data mining and business intelligence project for a large risk management firm.
  • Implemented a BI solution for a business unit within a large US bank.
  • Implemented a Big Data/BI solution for a global insurance firm acquiring a US-based insurance firm.


  • Supported classified work to migrate Intelligence Agencies to the Cloud.
  • Created a cloud-based solution for a large Real Estate Trust to support additional revenue.
  • Migrated a large global banks back office to a hosted cloud solution with applications as a service.

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